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What to grow in Monsoon season (Jun-July)?

It's time to grow your Monsoon veggies. There are so many easy-to-grow options in this season. Sow seeds in the month of Jun- July. All the below-recommended veggies can be grown in Grow Bags or pots in small spaces of your balcony/ terrace also.


Tomato, Okra, Cucumber, Brinjal, Chilli, all gourds (bottle gourd, bitter gourd, apple gourd & sponge gourd) and Capsicum can be grown in this Monsoon.


Monsoon is not limited to growing only vegetables, many herbs can be grown also. Basil, Mint, Coriander, Giloy, Methi, etc. Few of the herbs are ideally grown in the winter season like methi, but you can easily grow good enough for your salads and garnishes. Herbs can be easily at home in small pots in few hours of sunlight.

Leafy vegetables

Usually, we avoid leafy vegetables in the rainy season. If grown at home in grow bags with the use of nicely digested compost and cocopeat, it is safe to consume. Avoid using cow dung compost that is not matured enough.

Spinach, Amaranth red & green varieties, Methi & Arugula can be grown easily at home. Grow poi saag which is totally safe because it is a climber.

Immunity Booster herbs

The rainy season is time to take care of yourself. Eat healthily and drink hot. Add lots of herbs to your food to avoid the risks of viral infections. Grow at home for all-time availability.

Ashwagandha, Giloy & Tulsi plants are a must for any household. Daily consumption of these herbs increases immunity. This is the reason these are called immunity booster herbs.

Grow at home and eat healthy, No worries about eating leafy herbs & vegetables from outside in this rainy season. Involve your kids in growing vegetables and let them explore new learnings about food.

If you are a beginner or would like to explore, there are varieties of grow kits available on . Choose your favourite and start growing. Contact us for any support required in your whole growing journey.

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