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Best way to sow seeds in a pot

Sowing is the basic and foundation step of any growing cycle. If we don't follow the basics right, it will be difficult for germination to happen.

Here are some quickies to follow.

Prepare soil mix by mixing 60% cocopeat / garden soil. Mix it with 40 % organic compost. Organic compost can be vermicompost, leaf compost or any other compost made from organic matter.

Compact top surface with hand to remove any air gaps in soil. Leave one inch of space from the top empty. This space will be required for collecting water during watering.

Water thoroughly till the water comes out at bottom. This makes sure that water has reached till the bottom of the soil.

Take seeds in hand and spread evenly on surface. Try to avoid any overlapping of seeds. This increase the chances of # of germinations.

Sprinkle remaining soil mix / cocopeat on top, just to cover the soil. Gently compact the top surface with hand so that seeds do not move while watering.

Spray water on top soil to make it moist. Seeds like to be in moist situation. Keep the pot in indirect sunlight.

Water regularly.

Now.... Just wait till the tiny plant come out of soil and create a smile on your face.

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