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How to grow Bell pepper in pots?

Step 1- Get Good quality seeds from the market or Dry seeds from fresh capsicum for 4-5 days and use them.

Step 2- Prepare a lightweight soil mix by mixing cocopeat, organic manure & perlite. Add 2% of Neemkhali & Bonemeal. Neemkhali for anti-bacterial properties & bonemeal for calcium.

Step 3- Take a biodegradable pot or seedling tray. Fill this pot with soil mix and spread seeds uniformly. Water thoroughly. Or leave the Hassel and check out for ready starter kits.

The required temperature for seed sowing is 25-35 degrees celsius.

Step 4- Slightly cover with cocopeat powder and spray water.

Step 5- Spray water regularly till the plant is 2 inches high.

Step 6- Take 12-15 inch deep pot, preferably fabric grow bag. Fill the pot with soil mix and transplant bell pepper seedlings in this. Be careful with the roots.

Step 7- The plant will grow around 2 feet. Provide adequate support to the plant.

Step 8- Flowering buds will start appearing after 45 days of transplanting. If there are bees in your area, the flower will pollinate easily. If flowers don't pollinate, slightly shake them with your hand daily.

Step 9- Fruit will be visible in a few days. A single plant can bear 10-15 fruits. Fruits can be harvested anytime. If the plant is given proper care, it can give fruits for 2 years.

Additional Tips:

1. Add organic manure every 15 days after flowering starts till fruiting.

2. Keep harvesting mature fruits. This will lead to the transfer of plant food to younger fruit buds.

3. Watering is very critical in the flowering stage. Overwatering can cause the falling of flowers/buds without converting into a fruit. Always check the soil with a finger before watering.

For more tips, while growing your plant, write to us at

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