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Have your plant in the pot stopped growing even after proper water and manure care?

Have you noticed recently that your plant in the pot has not grown much since last year? Topsoil is quite compact and water requirement is much more than any other plant.

Think about checking the root. Roots might be growing too dense and no space for water

Why does this happen?

In nature, roots have a tendency to grow as much as in search of nutrients and water. They have no restrictions.

Scenario changes in the case of the pot. In pots when watering is too frequent or there is a lack of drainage holes, water is available at the bottom all time. Roots keep growing and circling around the pot. which finally becomes very dense & takes shape of the pot. Roots are so compact that there is no space for water, air, and nutrients circulation. which leads to poor plant health. This is called the 'Root Bound ' problem.

What is the solution?

There is only one solution to such a problem. The plant needs to be removed from the old pot and replanted in the new bigger size pot. Also, roots need to be reduced by cutting or loosen by hand, depends on plant conditions. This is quite a lot of work in today's urban life. There is another solution. Use fabric grow bags instead of traditional ones.

What does these fabric grow bags do?

Fabric grow bags are made of recycled fabric from pet bottles which make it an environmentally friendly product. This is a breathable material that provides proper air circulation for healthy plants and good produce.

see the diagrams below for understanding in detail.

Fabric grow bags has so many advantages, it does have one disadvantage also. Plant in these needs to be watered more frequently than plastic pots due to drainage. This can be solved by changing the soil mix to cocopeat based soil mix.

So try Grow bags, instead of traditional pots for easy gardening. Check this link to buy our grow bags.

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